The Courses at Carolina Treetop Challenge are designed to challenge even the most confident and capable climbers, and experienced outdoor adventure rope course fans. All participants begin their treetop journey with the required safety lecture and equipment check at our brand new welcome center. Once having completed the demo mission at the center you will be ready to climb and enjoy the adventure ahead.

See the inset image of the course map!

In order to progress through increasingly difficult levels ALL participants are required to begin with the lowest level adventure course, the GREEN COURSE. Reminder - details for each course can be found under the COURSES menu.

Once mastered, you will be able to challenge yourself in the trees with the BLUE COURSE, then the loop back SILVER COURSE which begins with a climbing wall, followed by the strenuous RED COURSE, and finally, the treetop obstacle course which challenges the skills and confidence of even the most seasoned climber - the BLACK COURSE.

You start time is fixed and you will begin after your orientation and safety lecture, equipment check, and review.

Remember to take your time, work steady and breath! What looks simple can actually be very physically demanding. Every leg of the adventure course requires you to balance, exert physical strength, reach, stretch, and pull yourself up at times. The joy comes in knowing you tested yourself in ways you may have never thought possible.

Which is why at Carolina Treetop Challenge our mantra is "challengedefined".

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