Please review our SAFETY CHECKLIST below.

Safety is our FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT RULE. All equipment and structures conform to state safety regulations and the guidelines established by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Everyone participating is required to attend the safety demonstration by our trained instructors prior to starting the course. Carolina Treetop Challenge uses secure, expertly engineered structures, quality materials, and construction by Outplay Adventures, an industry leader in outdoor climbing adventure parks. Our courses undergo continuous inspection, from the equipment to the trees.

In the 30 minutes demonstration live training session you will put on your harness and be adjusted. The training guide will show you how to attach yourself to the safety lines, transition cables, zip lines and more. It is important to pay complete attention as this training will teach you the guidelines of managing the equipment. This equipment has been designed for your own personal safety for use as you travel from tree to tree. In order to complete the courses you must show you have the ability to USE THE EQUIPMENT properly. After our training guide confirms that you know how to safely use your equipment you will be given the go ahead to proceed to the course.

You will also be instructed where the exit points are positioned at any time. If you decide to climb down from the course or need to be rescued at any time, your climbing adventure is over for the day.


carolina treetop challenge uses the safest belay system available, the clik-it magnetic autolock system

Please Prepare Yourself:
U.S. National Whitewater Center Long hair MUST be tied back so as not to be caught in a pulley. Ask a staff person for a hair band if you require one.
Kinetic Heights Open-toed shoes are NOT allowed. Flip flops, water shoes, sandals, slip-ons, Tom’s shoes, Sperry’s, Loafers, Crocs, Tevas, Clogs, Toe-shoes, and Five-Finger shoes are not permitted. Sturdy closed-toed sport sandals/shoes/boots are required and to be worn securely. Light hiking shoes are best.
Capstone Climbing We strongly recommend not wearing jewelry (especially necklaces or loose bracelets which could get caught in the equipment).
Altitude Trampoline Park Secure your sunglasses and leave personal items such as phones, earbuds, and unnecessary items in the car or with a friend on the ground. Treat the course as you would an athletic event.
Sky High Clothing should be appropriate for the weather and must be worn tight to the body to avoid catching on apparatus. Shorts should come down as far as your knees to prevent the harness from rubbing against your legs.
Treetop Adventures Trees make sap. Sap stains clothes. Dress appropriately. Carolina Treetop Challenge is not responsible for damaged clothing.
Kinso Park Ponchos are NOT permitted.

For Everyone's Safety:
Big Air Trampoline Park Courses must be done in rising order of difficulty.
ROC Race Charlotte You must remain attached to a cable at all times!
Adventure Air Sports You must observe all rules and safety instructions at all times.
Urban Air Adventure Park All GUIDES or STAFF are empowered to immediately, without warning, to remove a participant from the course, without a refund, for safety infractions. Follow the rules.
Miniature Golf Notify a Guide immediately if you observe any unnecessary risk to anyone on the course.
Camp Canaan Note: Guests not wearing the appropriate clothing may be refused access to activities to ensure that safety guidelines are met.
Sky High Sports You must meet the age and reach requirements to participate. See the graphic below.

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