Carolina Treetop Challenge is a drug free workplace and drug tests are required. We provide training for all staff. Guides must be able to demonstrate proficiency in all course activities, as this is a high responsibility position. For more details about each position, read the descriptions below.


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Requirements: The welcome center staff requires maturity and ability to deal with many customers in a fast-paced hospitality environment. General office skills are mandatory, as well as the ability to manage various personalities and resolve any issues that arise. You must maintain a clean, professional environment, inventory all equipment, notify management of any missing or damaged items, and understand the entire course, safety requirements and other policies so you can explain them to any guests in person or on the phone. A background in management and hospitality is desired.


Requirements: The general course guide must be athletic in good condition, is responsible for the equipping, instructional training, evaluation of guests, and the guiding of participants throughout the course. Guides may be stationed at various points along the course all day and may be required to physically exert themselves on a regular basis. Clear diction is necessary for the guide to explain the course procedures, safety requirements, and policies of Carolina Treetop Challenge when asked general questions. Guides must exhibit a very responsible personality and take pride in actively helping guests who may find themselves challenged on the course. They act as agents of safety at all times making sure zip lines are clear, that guests are communicating among themselves properly and listening for emergency situations so they can instantly react. The course guide may also decide to remove a participant from the course for any infraction of the safety rules and procedures.


Requirements: The rescue guide is a specialized position like a lifeguard in the trees. In addition to the Course Guide responsibilities, they are the designated rescue lead should a guest become injured, incapacitated, or too fearful to continue on the course. When a participant indicates in any way they want to descend it is the rescue guide who will direct the procedure and participate in guest recovery. Safety is everyone's number one priority, and the rescue guide is the point person in that regard. They must possess leadership skills, be athletic, able to concentrate in difficult situations and calm in their tasks. The rescue guide also makes the primary decision to remove a participant from the course for any infraction of the safety rules and procedures. A background in climbing, wilderness medicine including CPR and First Aid certification is a top priority.

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