A Climbing Adventure Like No Other: Testing Your Limits

Carolina Treetop Challenge will thrill and delight your entire group. We know most people have not had the chance to experience an aerial obstacle course before so we are dedicated to making your visit exciting and fun.

From the treehouse style ropes course, to our cargo net climbs, swings and balance beams strung throughout the trees, we know you will find the task of working through the course both exhilirating and fulfilling. Take your time, learn from others, watch how its done, then when it is your turn - give it all you've got.

Your Itinerary:

1. Arrive and proceed as a group to the Welcome Center. Have everyone make a rest stop at the bathroom if they haven't already done so. You will be on the course for an extended period of time (around 2-3 hours typically).

2. Gather everyone together to sign your required consent waivers. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign for them.

3. Meet your personal training guide.

4. Gear up! Your guide will help you select your harness and make all the necessary adjustments. If after you are fitted with your harness you must use the bathroom, you must be rechecked by a guide for proper fit.

5. Move outside to the Course Demonstration area marked Silver on the map near the Welcome Center.

6. Those not participating are welcome to observe how its done.

7. Get your beginning lesson instruction and hands-on training near ground level with the practice obstacles.

8. Once your guide confirms you have learned the required material on equipment use and course etiquette, you are ready to go!

9. Proceed to the start area of the Green or Yellow Course (depending on your age) and await a go ahead from your guide.

10. Enjoy your adventure!

*If at any time you need to descend or want to stop climbing, just let a guide know and they will either guide you to the exit point for that course segment, or help you safely descend to the ground. Once you are off the course you are done climbing for the day.

Come out to Carolina Treetop Challenge and enjoy nature in a whole new way. If you are like most, you will breeze through your demonstration training and be ready to meet the “challengedefined”.

carolina treetop challenge gives you the ultimate ropes course experience in North Carolina within a forested setting

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